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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sometimes in life..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatukh wahai nocturnals sekalian.. Dah tidur? Hehe.

Okay. So why aku tetiba tanya dah tidur ke apa ni? Well, for starters, this entry is written at 3a.m whereby people now are fast asleep in their bunk beds in the hostel. Oh yes, semua orang tengah dibuai mimpi and where am I?

In the server room.

So some of you may ask yourself,

" Fulamak! Zaza pecah masuk bilik sever ni pasai pa??"

Oh no no no. Aku dah lama tak break the rules, okay? Even handphone aku tak bawak ke sekolah, which means I'm pretty clean now anyways. Hehe. Aku kat server room ni pun sebab aku nak tolong adik-adik junior aku ni prepare untuk F1 In Schools Technology Challenge which will be held on Sunday. Korang-korang yang ada kat Kuching tu, mai la kita meriahkan lagi suasana F1 on that day :)

But enough about F1. So let me tell you something:

"So there's this guy. He goes to the same school as me but..he hardly ever knew I exist. We're not friends nor strangers. We are just acquaintances and it gets pretty awkward at times - sitting next to him but ended up saying nothing. But some days when I'm lucky, he might even talk to me..

..about his girlfriend"

I'm ranting on my blog pasal the feelings I'm facing through now is because..I don't know. Some people mungkin cakap aku immature sebab post stuff yang private online, but when I come to think about it..I am not THAT stupid. I mean..who is?

Have any of you ever feel like yang korang semua try real hard untuk ada for that person bila dia ada problem dengan kekasih hati diorang (chewah!!), padahal hati korang rasa macam..okay, what's happening?

Honestly, aku tak faham apa yang aku merepek ni -__-"

So to my crush, aku nak cakap benda simple je pun:

How come you have so much time to go out, chase other girls and make all the other girls fall in love with you but you have NO time AT ALL to pay attention to the one person who already does?

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