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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Of Chocolates and Fondues

Assalamualaikum wahai kamu-kamu semua!!

I'm not going to blabb on and on about any other people just smetimes I wonder, do you really think that you should judge someone because they are what they are and even when they have undergo any changes, physically or psychologically? Truth be told, I've met SO many people who are a bit stereotype and I personally think that it is not cool, AT ALL. I speak for those who are a bit different because I am one of those victims. I don't have to explain myself to everybody that I'm not less like you. All I know is that Allah had created us all equally and it is up to us to shape ourselves to be someone better. 

Okay..apa yang aku merepek ni?

My point here is that, aku baru lepas tengok video si Megat kat YouTube tadi pasal kawan makan kawan and bila difikir-fikirkan balik kan, realitinya memang ada kat video tu. Teenagers now should stop backstabbing each other. Yang ni pun sebagai peringatan kat aku sendiri sebab aku sendiri pun pernah buat camtu. So yea..don't be going on judging people. 'nuff said.

Oh and gambar ni memang explains A LOT. Kalau korang hayati betul-betul (chewah!), sebenarnya ada message tersirat disebalik its words..

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