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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Aku Punya, Kau Punya. KITA PUNYA.

"The stakes are high, the water's rough.. But this love is ours", - Ours, Taylor Swift

Assalamualaikum people!!

Untuk kaukau semua yang tak tahu - kalau dah tahu tu, dok diam. Sekian, terima kasih - aku ni memang a sucker for TayTay punya lagu. Like, period. Jadi recently, Taylor Swift dah release video latest beliau which is Ours. And as you can see dari awalawal post ni, aku dah letak a certain part in the song yang aku suka. You can call me a hopeless romantic for all I care. But one thing's for sure, this is an awesome song. Lagu ni tak la catchy sangat pun sampai kau boleh headbanging in sync with the music macam Teenagers or everyday kau shufflin' macam Party Rock Anthem. Oh tidaaaaaaaaaakkkk sama sekali. This song actually makes you smile. Tu pun kalau korang tak keras hati sangat (kidding!) .

Di atas is her album art. Tapi aku tak tau lagi la wether its official or just fanmade. But this did come out in her website entitled "Birdcages". Does Taylor have a song named Birdcages??

Which reminds me. Ada la satu malam tu. Aku tengah dok layan mimpi aku yang punya la terrifying tapi entah aku masih belum bangunbangun. Tapi when I did open my eyes, suddenly aku dengar, "..lurking in the shadows with you lip gloss smiles". And automatically..aku senyum. I don't know what is it about the song - it may be the melody or even the words, if not, her innocent voice - but it actually calms me down. Lagu ni entah kenapa ada effect kat aku. I wish I can still sing this for youknowwhososhutup. Tapi let by gones be by gones kan??

You may not be a Taylor Swift fan, so its up to you. I'm just recommending it kotkot you all semua nak dengar something new la kan. So yeaaaa..go try and listen. Lagu ni tak ada menjerit teriak terlolong pa suma ya (oooppss..keluar plak bahasa Sarawak aku. :p). I guess ni je yang aku nak cakap and babble about.

Till we meet again..


Peace and love. Over and out. Assalamualaikum~

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